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  1. Hi guys thanks for your replies so far..I have been digging it out from an area where the stream has run round a bend and left a great buildup of clay so getting a really good yield which is very satisfying!.. I have already screened out twigs and pebbles and quite fine grit with an old wooden sided sieve I got in a job lot of craft tools at an auction. It doesn't say how fine the mesh is but I'm guessing at 40 or bigger. So by the looks of it I will need a at least a 60 if not a 100. I'll now search up local clay as Rockhopper suggested. Thank you!
  2. Digging clay out of the stream and wondering what mesh size I need to use to remove the grit and just leave the clay? or could I used an old bed sheet? Would that remove the finest grit? Just experimenting at the moment but I'm currently isolated (during the COVID outbreak) on a farm in Somerset (UK) and would really like to carry on potting - intending to build a raku firing pit so expect I will be posting again for advice soon! Thanks for any advice. Eleanor ...
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