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    ChloeElizabeth got a reaction from liambesaw in Throwing w/ More Clay (4-5lbbs)   
    @liambesawso you don't cone down applying pressure directly from the top? that's what I've been doing with a hand on the side. But maybe I need to cone down with a hand on the side, and the "top" hand pushing pressure from the top side/corner of the top? 
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    ChloeElizabeth reacted to glazenerd in Recycling/Reusing Clay for Practice   
    been thinking about your unique goal. You will need 1lb of OM4 ball clay (or equal), 1/4 lb of silica, and 1/4 lb Nep Sy, Custer, minspar, mahavir or flux readily available to you.  Mix it at 80% OM4, and 10% silica and flux. If you do not have a scale then: 1 cup OM4 ball clay, and 1/8 cup each of silica and flux. Mix it throughly dry and place it in a bowl by your wheel. (Keep a tablespoon in it.)
    After you finish throwing; with clay cream still on your hands: spoon one tablespoon on one hand and rub your hands until coated with the mix. Now go back and let the piece run in your hands; allowing it to pick up the dry mix. Then collapse the piece and cone the lump several times to throughly mix it in. Remove and wrap in plastic. This lump can be reused in 5-7 days. Remove, wedge, place on wheel; cone a few times- off to the races. Enjoy!  Modified to fit your protocol. Exact chemistry? No.. but close enough for your needs.
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    ChloeElizabeth got a reaction from Callie Beller Diesel in Consistency in Form   
    Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions and advice! I threw yesterday and comparing to my first photos, I think I'm improving. Things that have helped: using a wooden rim to straighten the walls, pulling alllll the way up, and making a first heavy pull. I plan on rewedging these pieces and continuing to practice with this same clay. Any suggestions? Some have already commented on this. 
    I'm still working on getting them the same size. Some cylinders are wider than others. 
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    ChloeElizabeth got a reaction from Hulk in Consistency in Form   
    @Min Thank you! When you say cut the skirt, do you mean just cutting off the extra clay that has formed at the base? I hadn't thought to use a wood rib, excited to try! So you suggest making 10, cutting down from the top to bottom to review thickness of walls and base and then rewedging? Is it possible to throw a piece, break it down, rewedge, and practice again? I think that might help with my practice, but don't know if that alters the clay if I throw, break, rewedge, throw, break, rewedge, etc. 
    @Pres Thank you! Do you suggest on that second pull to have the inside and outside contact (I use a sponge on the outside and fingers on the inside) directly coming at the clay from the same position and pressure? When I ease off near the top, that's when I think clay collects/gets thick and also forms that opening rim shape (as in my photos). Any thoughts? 
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    ChloeElizabeth got a reaction from Rae Reich in Help with Centering!   
    Thank you everyone! Super helpful tips. Sounds like I need to be more cautious of when I cut the bottom from throwing to be very close to the wheel and maybe trim the rim after throwing as well. A few follow-up questions:
    @CallieBellerDiesel Per your first comment, do you suggest I keep my hands (when pulling) to stay in place for a full rotation before continuing to pull them up in each spot? Why would the piece being bone dry affect the trimming? My last pieces were very dry and thus might have been why trimming was so wonky. I do feel like things shift when I just use the wads to keep it in place. Is a chuck or chum my solution? I've never used one...Lastly, can you clarify your last point about trimming to just below where I'm putting the foot rim? Thanks!
    @RaeReich Yes! I've been practicing that. However, I still feel like the clay moves me - instead of the clay shaping to my firm hold. Any suggestions? 
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