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  1. Our school system has instructed us to prepare "enrichment" activities. There will be no consequence if students do not do them and we are not to grade them. Sooooooooooooooooooooo. I think the only way I can get them to do anything is to make it fun. I found a page that includes a number of games to do with clay. I haven't heard for sure, but I don't see any reason I won't be able to send home a pound of clay. https://artsandactivities.com/creativity-exercises-and-games-with-clay/ the page lists standards so it's possible to verify that you are actually adhering to ceramic standards and prove that you know what you are doing. 'Cause all we do is play in clay all day, right?? lol
  2. Greetings All-- new here. I teach HS (9-12 combined) ceramics. It's my entire line. First day of school I go over the expectations. I write mine with a space for both parent and student to initial after each paragraph which has helped me hugely in the past avoiding the "I didn't see that part". Then they sign the end and provide the contact info and anything I need to be aware of about their kid. Then we practice all the drills--going out to our spot for fire drill (gets them up and out of their seat to ease the squrimies) and go over lockdown, shelter in place and anything else we need to do. I assign some kids certain doors to close (they are always locked) and windows louvers to close. (we are an outdoor school) I agree with the idea of not doing team building activities. Giving the HS students I have that much freedom would end up being like herding kittens! I do seating charts which are modified as needed. by the end of the first quarter I usually can relax the seating chart for most kids. Some of them get to sit with me at my table....lol That's the beginning of my year. I apologize that this is so long-winded. Just thought I'd share
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