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  1. Ok, good to know. Which meter? The voltimeter or pyrometer? The pyrometer doesn't seem to be working at all, and I am just about to order a digital one, but wanted to test the connection first.
  2. Finally got out the voltimeter and tested, and either I'm doing it wrong, or the thermocouple is registering 0.005 volts, and around 9 ohms. The pyrometer is registering 67 ohms, so perhaps defective?
  3. I tried turning it with a screw driver, and it does adjust it. I have tried the wiring backwards, forwards, and mixed, and still nothing!
  4. It does move if I shake it a little, so not locked. Volt meter it is!
  5. I will test the thermocouple soon when I get the chance. I have tried actually putting the thermocouple inside the kiln at a low-ish temperature, but that did nothing. How would I go about unlocking the needle or checking to see if it's locked? Yes, I am convinced to get a digital one! I just want to see if the little analog can be convinced to do something or not. It came with no instructions whatsoever, so the needle might be locked for all I know.
  6. Thanks for the explanation! I tried swapping the wires around, and even mismatching them, first on the pyrometer, then on the thermocouple. Nothing worked - the needle will not budge from 0. Could my pyrometer be faulty? Maybe I'm missing something....
  7. I will do that eventually for sure. I was trying to save money is why, but I should probably just go for it. Can't seem to get my analog one working, though I double-checked the wiring three times. I'll post photos tomorrow and see if I'm doing something wrong.
  8. Oh, that doesn't seem terrible! Maybe similar to element life, if not longer?
  9. Cool. How long do they typically last, in your experience?
  10. Interesting.... and good to know. I will look up the thermocouple type and see.
  11. Awesome, thank you! I didn't notice the screws.
  12. Hi you all, I recently purchased a 2" analog pyrometer from Clay King, and also purchased a K-type thermocouple which was listed alongside it as compatible. When I received it, I noticed that the wire was the plug type that is used with digital pyrometers, so I am wondering if I can snip the plug off and wire it directly to the the pyrometer/thermocouple so that it is the same as the end with the two wires. Any thoughts?
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