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  1. Here some examples of what I like to make. These have BIO wash and were bisqued to cone 08 and fired to cone 10, in another kiln:
  2. Thank you everyone for responses... I am a novice so any criticisms are welcome! Not concerned about talking down, I am looking up... The lid was propped open while on Low for 1 hour and Med for 1 hour, then closed and switched to high (all three dials moving together). In hopes to get all water out of kiln I dont have any glazes set up yet, so I did a Black Iron Oxide wash on some pieces and left some other pieces naked (Primitive techniques appeal to me!). So those pieces fired to some unknown temperature and look cool, I am easy to please! Will use them for planters I t
  3. Thanks Neil Here are some pics, cant get inside because I have some pots in there now. Not sure of max temp rating? How would I find that out? Jim
  4. Hello, Thank you to everyone for all of the information available here, has been a great resource for me. Amateur potter and first time poster so please be kind... Just received an old kiln (SNO industries P24) has a kiln sitter for controlling firing time. Also has a pyrometer. I have fired a few bisque fires to Cone 06 and the cone has fatigued tripping the switch successfully but the pyrometer only read about 1200 F at its max. My first thought was that the pyrometer was faulty? First attempt to fire at cone 6 with glaze last night. Kiln climbed up to about the same temp
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