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  1. Hello! I am trying to do casting with a slip similar to this but am pretty limited in my local options, only having white porcelain: I know I'll need to add manganese to get the speckles, but does anyone have a recommendation on an addition to get the beige color? I thought a mason stain might be the way to go but am wondering if there's something else as it seems like I'll need to use a lot! Thanks so much for any advice
  2. Thank you Sorcery for the web link (didn’t even know they had a site!) and thank you Callie for taking the time to write out starter methods for all those finishes. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make ceramics like this for a while now and have been so frustrated hitting a wall but now feel like I have tools to get experimenting again. Thank you very much, it is so appreciated!
  3. Hello, I recently came across the work of a store in Tokyo named Qusamura that sells cacti in beautiful stone looking ceramics: Does anyone have any advice or starting points on how to do this type of finish that looks like a rock, specifically on slipcastings? I'm struggling to find how to get a pitted look and the organic distribution of color. Thanks so much
  4. I've been using a commercial slip but will be adding mason stain so it's colored
  5. Hello! I am trying to figure out a way to add small speckles, almost like TV static, to my unglazed slipcastings. Here are a couple images I found that show the effect I'm trying to learn: Thanks so much for any help!
  6. Hello! I'm doing slipcasting with mason stain colored slip and am now trying to create texture (all my castings look very flat). Is there any easy method to add this finish, almost like a watercolor that feels very natural/rustic? Thank you all for your help, it's been so valuable for me in learning :~)
  7. Hello! I'm new to ceramics and am looking at ways to make slip casts look more natural, unrefined or textured: Are there any techniques or industry terms around this? I was thinking of trying to add sand particles to my slip but not sure if that's a bad idea. Thanks so much for any help, very appreciated :~)
  8. Hi all, I saw this finish a while back and would love to do similar on a mug for my daughter. Does anyone know how this organic looking polka-dot finish would be done? Looks like it might be wax resist but I'm not sure how the beige rings around the blue were done! Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you :~)
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