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  1. Hello, Due to the coronavirus/ new shelter in place policy, I am now coming up with an online curriculum for my high school ceramic's students. At the moment, my students do not have clay at home (there was not any time to prepare for this) but I am considering having them pick up clay once the shelter in place is lifted. This is such a crazy situation though and I am concerned that projects may be contaminated with the virus and I don't want to risk handling them so they can be put in the kiln. There is also the predicament of not having enough tools and glazes to distribute to 100 students. I am considering telling students we will no longer be working with clay...but wow, what a bummer. I can imagine it will get depressing reading articles and watching videos about ceramics without being able to ever touch clay. I am wondering what other ceramic's teachers are doing in this situation. Do we completely derail and just turn it into an art class where we can have more options to have them work with drawing, photography, found objects, and explore concepts? I would love to hear from other high school ceramics teachers on how they plan on moving forward. Thanks, Demetra
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