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  1. Have you seen this lady's work? https://www.lisabelsky.com She uses porcelain that she mixes herself and hand crochets het vessels and then dips them in her mixture. The pieces are exquisite and very detailed. I feel like the more absorbent the material, the more clay slip would be in the fabric and therefor the more clay would be left after the fiber burns off. I have seen several people do this with thin lace material but always on top of clay forms. This whole process intrigues me and scares the crap out of simultaneously.
  2. That is great information. Since it is my first, I am going to use the preset Slow Bisque setting. The manufacturer suggests probing the lid open for the first hour and a half. I am also going to leave the top peep hole out during the firing. Thanks Again!
  3. question to the group: I am bisque firing this weekend and I am using a Cone 6 stoneware clay. The Barrett controller on my kiln has a "Slow Bisque" and a "Fast Bisque" setting. I was told to fire at slow bisque but most of the pieces are small mugs and such. What is the general wisdom? Also I am planning to bisque fire at 04. That seems to also be the conventional wisdom. Any feedback is appreciated!
  4. Thanks so much. I did not use them and will not be unless we do a lower temp clay. Thanks to this string I saved a disaster and got a beautiful batch of stoneware! I have been making pottery my whole life but the firing was always done by someone else. Since we now have the kiln it is a big learning curve. I will be using this site to guide future endeavors!
  5. We did have one casualty that I didn’t post. My daughter had an old piece that was a low fire clay and it melted on my bottom shelf. Thankfully I used the shelf and not the kiln floor! I have chipped most of it off. The stilts that I borrowed were not hand made, they were legit porcelain stilts. Since I did t use them no harm no foul! Thanks for all your help. Overall it was a huge success!
  6. OK, I am sorry for all the questions, but this is literally my first time firing a kiln. You guys have been a huge help. THANK YOU! I just want to make sure that I do this correctly so let me recap: I have a cone six glaze that has been painted down to the bottom of the pot on some but most have about a 1/4 rim. I have applied kiln wash to all my shelves and I have everything loaded but I do have stilts on everything because of anther post that I read who said to stilt EVERYTHING. I don't want to melt the stilts bc I borrowed them from a friend for this firing until I can make some of my own. If I should change it up please advise before I hit the "START" button.
  7. Also, I have no wax on my pots. Just painted them to the footing and I will sit them on stilts with kiln wash on my surfaces
  8. I have a window right next to my kiln that I have a box fan in to draw the air through the garage. I am thinking this will do the same thing to draw the fumes out and the fresh air from the garage being open in.
  9. Thanks so much! Unfortunately the kiln is in my garage and I'm not sure I will keep everything out of my house. I am willing to get creative and put a fan in front of the vent with some dryer hose and force the fumes out the window. Do you have any suggestions? I am wide open any help you can provide Thanks Again
  10. Hello All, I have a Skutt kiln with 6 holes in the side and no vent holes on the lid. I do not have a venting system but I do have a window with a fan to keep the air flow from my garage. I am going to glaze fire at cone 6 today. Should I leave the top hole open through the entire firing?
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