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  1. Thank you all for the warm welcome and informative responses. JohnnyK: Indeed. I had a chuckle after seeing a video of an amazing potter throw a vessel which was spot on technically, he then purposely placed wobbles in it until it looked almost as good as my first effort. The camera then panned in to a whole shelf full of what looked like 'near misses' - very similar to the output of my classmates. There was no explanation as to why this guy's pots were so highly prized! Hulk: As soon as I get the chance I shall get out to exhibitions and demonstrations. I have been advised to enrol in a masterclass in order to meet local people who identify as ceramic artists and potters. I am keen to see the full range of ceramic materials that are used and also learn more about working with clay. I should imagine that if one can support oneself and finance the cost of the materials processes, then working with ceramics would be its own reward. I think GEP has understood that I was more interested in identifying the arbiters who decide the standards of excellence in ceramic art/pottery. I'll look out for Ceramics Monthly, thanks for the tip! (Ah, I see it is a North American based publication - I doubt they'll feature African and S. American artists in the next edition?)
  2. Please excuse my ignorance - I'm someone who is three sessions into an introductory pottery course and I have no previous exposure to Art other than as a tourist visiting Art galleries. I am now very keen to do more pottery and find out in general about ceramics. However there are questions I have about the produce of people who define themselves as ceramic artists or artistic potters. I've watched videos and looked at lots of photographs of ceramic art... It's apparent that there are some very talented people with good craft skills, what is difficult for me to understand is why some ceramic artists are considered outstanding. Who determines whether someone's work is so exceptional it might lead to them being exhibited and in demand by people who can buy their work? Is recognition achieved by continued exposure and the approval of other ceramic artists? Or, does recognition depend on the opinion of art critics who might 'discover' someone's work? Are there recognised attributes that make ceramic art particularly good? Are young people (prodigies) ever recognised as exceptional ceramic artists and if so could any one name one so I can look at their work? Thanks.
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