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  1. Hi all! First time poster in this forum. I'm hoping someone can help! I recently purchased a Skutt 181 off Craigslist. It's an old manual kiln. I replaced the elements and did my first 06 bisque fire with an 06 cone in the sitter and 06 witness cones (I didn't have 07 or 05 cones in on hand). I ramped the kiln up — Low for 2 hours, medium for 2 hours, and then high. After the kiln shut off and cooled down, I opened it to find that the 06 witness cones are only slightly arced, not bent over like I expected. I'm doing another bisque fire with an 05 cone in the sitter this time to see if the witness cones melt any more. I've read online that many people use one cone higher than their desired max temperature. Supposedly this tends to be a common issue? Has anyone else here experienced it? Is it normal or should I look into recalibrating my cone sitter? Thanks so much for your advice in advance! Kayley
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