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  1. IR thermometer is really hard to focus on through a kiln peephole but it is still possible. When I was choosing my own one (ennoLogic eT1050D), I relied on features such as accuracy and distance spot ratio. These features play for me the main role when I choose the IR unit. In fact, mine has +-1% accuracy (it is cool for IR thermometers) and a 10:1 distance spot ratio, and this is pretty good for my works. In this article, it takes 2nd place but I'd give it the first one.
  2. I'm using a Shark vacuum cleaner in my studio and vacuum my studio once 2 months. This is so versatile and it really picks all the dust. The most important thing is that it has a HEPA filter. I've read many reviews on vacuum cleaners with HEPA and this one seemed to me the best for my studio. I'm not disappointed, it does its' work very well and it's easy to clean (it takes 2-3 minutes). Fully justifies the money spent on it.
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