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  1. It’s super irritating. I have a shimpo aspire wheel. I just got new bats. Maybe the bats aren’t completely set on the pins, but if i press on the bat too hard or I press on the edge of the bat, you can hear that wobble sound. It sounds like the bat is hitting the wheel. It’s hard to explain, but it causes things to not be centered and I don’t really know how to fix this??
  2. It was clumpy almost immediately. I added them an hour ago at around 9:30
  3. Hi! I need some help!! I just got a gallon of porcelain slip. When I started using it, it was too thin and runny for me. My slip trailing wasn’t working, and all of the slip just kept dripping. So I decided to thicken it up. I put some epsom salts in water and made sure they were dissolved. I then add 2 spoonfuls of the water to the slip. Now the slip is a little too thick, but I really like this consistency. But, there seem to be clumps in the slip. It is no longer smooth. Does this mean I just need to mix it a lot to get the clumps out? How would I thin it again in the future?
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