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  1. Hi, Anyone used the Frema PW-DC-AH wheel? Is it any good? I am considering buying one and can find no reviews on-line. Or can anyone recommend an similar wheel? Cheers Andy https://www.bluematchbox.co.uk/ctm-frema-potters-wheel-pwdc.html
  2. Thermocouple wire is Heat proof and behind a ceramic heat shield. This has not been an issue to date... Getting a reliable temperature reading has been, but that's another story. I just need a replacement for the displayed item. I don't know what to call it exactly to be able to search for it. I'm getting too much 'noise' in my search results. Andy
  3. This "tube" has a plug that goes inside it, but I am intending to drop my thermocouple down through it. It's not a mounting for the thermocouple and I dont want it to be either. Think peep hole tube. Andy
  4. Would this work for repair? Would it hold vertically under heat? https://www.scarva.com/en/Scarva-Kilns-Kiln-Cement-High-Alumina-White/m-840.aspx
  5. Hi, My wife managed to twist and snap this! Can anyone tell me what it called exactly as I cant seem to find replacements on t'interweb. If anyone has any surefire (sic) ways of repairing it, then that would be helpful too. It is to sit in the top vent hole of a Cromartie portable kiln (Hobbytech 40) and have a thermocouple through it (trying to build a Raspberry Pi controller). Cheers Andy
  6. Given my age and grown up children, curiosity may get the better of me! Where's my Gigacounter?
  7. I thought I would add to this... Found these at the In-Laws. Any thoughts as to toxicity/usability? We have a selection of packets, all unopened! Andy
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