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  1. What kind of wifi cam are you using to monitor your digital  controller? I just installed one yesterday but did  something wrong and the red LED display is hazy on camera. I suspect it's too far from the controller; it's about 5 feet away on a  bookshelf. It's a cheap model that nicely pans and  zooms, and it supposedly has  HD. You put yours on a tripod, yes? My iPhone held up to the controller captures the numbers fine so I suspect the problem is the distance from the lens to the readout. 

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      @Barclay Blanchard, doesn't look like @WoodlandPotter has seen your question. Maybe someone else is using a wifi cam to monitor their controller, might be worth posting your question in the Studio Operations and Making Work section.

  2. What kind of camera are you using? I just got a Wyze and can't read the digital readout -- the red numbers are blurry -- but the camera is several feet away from the kiln on a bookcase, not right in front of it.
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