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  1. Our Kiln is a SKUTT AUTOMATIC KILN - MODEL: KM1231PK, Because we are a recreation facility we could be either one. Our focus right now is to be a paint-your-own facility. Over the weekend I've learned that all of our other centers (5) are also equipped with the same kiln and supplies. It needs "love" as in, it is covered in dust, and has not been used, so I would like to clean it out and give the outside a good scrub. However, I am worried about rust, ours does not have any but I would rather be cautious. We are so grateful, the people in our area are going to love it. p.s. thank you for taking the time to help me
  2. Hi ! I am so glad I found this forum. I am trying to kick start a ceramic club. Here at our facility we have our Kiln room that is fully equipped, completed with endless amount of supplies. I really hit the mother load, however this room has not been utilized in ten(10) years or so. We have EVERYTHING, but nothing has an expiration date. I've been into ceramics since high school, unfortunately this is just something I am not familiar with. Most of our supplies are either Mayco or Duncan Bisque, I might call customer service to check with them about their under glazes, glazes, paints and such. But if you have any tips, advice on anything that might help. We have our kiln that is practically brand new it just needs love. Also does anyone know if porcelain or earthenware that has been here that long is still good to use and if so how to give it life. I know this is a lot, any help is welcomed thank you in advanced
  3. So in regards to expiration date. I have gained access to our kiln room and it is fully supplied with paints, glazes, under glazes of all types. But the room has not been utilized in 10 or so years. Most of the supplies has either not been opened or was only used for a short while. I don't know if we have the budget to get everything brand new (will probably take some fundraising) but can any tell me how to approach this. Most supplies are either Duncan Bisque or Mayco. Thank you in advance :)
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