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  1. Hi Rebecca. I’ve not heard of Parting Stones before, perhaps not something common here in the UK. I’ve seen ashes of loved ones made in to diamonds and such like. I don’t know if the Stones are usually just unglazed ceramic but have you thought of using the ashes in a glaze?
  2. Jays


    Thank you!
  3. Jays


    Yunomi in stoneware with celadon and black glazes
  4. Hand formed stoneware bowl with black slip and white tin glaze based on Yo Thom recipe.
  5. Jays

    Raku Vase

    Copper Oxide glaze with wax resist Raven motifs
  6. I’m just about to start experimenting with crater glazes and the plan is start on some test pieces with the Marilee recipe. Min, you mention protecting the kiln shelves and keeping away from the elements....I assume from that that I can expect some glaze splatter? If that is the case I assume I’m going to have problems firing pots on the same kiln shelf.
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