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  1. Hi Stephen, This is the reason why I'm looking for the solutions for the armature, so the sculpture will be hollow inside Sculpting full form and than hollowing is a good option if the shape will allow it but I don't think it would be possible on a 2m human figure.
  2. Hi Denice, Thank you for your reply. Can you please clarify what do you mean by "styrofoam that has clay bars interwoven" The only clay bars I know of are the ones for polishing the cars, I tried to google it out but I couldn't find anything different then the car ones. I'm really curious now I already tried regular Styrofoam but cutting it out of half dry piece proved impossible, I also tried melting it with hot wire but the heat from inside dries the clay too fast and than it cracks :/ It might be an option for simpler forms though
  3. Hello everyone I created recently this almost 2 meters large ceramic sculpture. Since the form consists from many smaller pieces I was able to create this large size format but I would like to keep working on big size figures and I don't want every one of them to be chopped. If possible I would like to avoid making molds, simply sculpt and put it directly to kiln. So I was wandering if you can give me some advises on what type of armature I can use that can go into kiln and how to create this armature in order to follow shrinking while drying or baking? Thank you so much in advan
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