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  1. I matched the glaze to the clay body-both cone 5. I waited until kiln temp was 70* to open the kiln. Why am I hearing pinging?
  2. Thank you all! I did re fire the bisque load and feel confident about the glaze fire now.
  3. I recently ran a cone 04 bisque firing. After glazing the pieces and firing, many of the pieces were ruined with pinholes. Ruling out the myriad of reasons for this, I called Skutt to talk to someone about the firing. It was recommended that I bisque on slow and hold for 5 minutes. He was guessing that all of the carbonates etc did not burn out of the pieces during the bisque firing. Here’s the question. I still have some unglazed pieces from the under fired bisque. Can I run them thru another bisque?
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