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  1. We are moving and in my old home the temperature was warm enough year round to keep my pottery studio in the garage. We purchased a new home in a colder state and I have been really excited that this home has an unfinished basement because it gets very cold in the winter here. The basement is about 900 sq ft and is one large unfinished room. I am going to have to keep my treadmill/home gym equipment in this basement which I use daily and I just started to realize that the combination of clay dust and a home gym in the same room is probably a terrible idea (even if the gym is on one end and the studio on the other). It's going to be a while before I can finish the basement and close off separate rooms. I keep my studio pretty clean and mop when I am done. Would you be worried enough about sucking in silica on your daily runs to move your studio to a freezing cold garage instead? The other problem is that the furnace/HVAC system is in the basement and it is not currently in a separate room because it is unfinished. Should I be concerned with the silica getting spread through the air of the house? I really don't want silicosis, any suggestions are helpful thanks!
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