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  1. I am looking for a cone 5/6 wood ash glaze recipe that I can use in an electric kiln. Thank you.
  2. Yes, I am using soft IFB brick. I will definitely try your suggestion and slow down the firing. I will also have my student have her tiles ready for the first couple of loads so I can heat them up slowly. Thank you. I will report on our next firing. I agree up until these tiles, the only breakage would be construction issues.
  3. The tiles were 1/4" thick and roughly 4"x4" square. They were bisque fired to cone04. We had been raku firing for about 3 hours when the tiles were ready to go in the kiln. I warm them on the top of my Olympic Raku Kiln before putting them in. Then slowly increase the temp in the kiln. By that time the pieces were maturing in 20-30 minutes. I use Standard Ceramics 239 raku clay. I am thinking that by resting them vertically on the hot fire brick caused stress and they cracked. May have to fire them flat and figure out how to pick them up. Diane
  4. I fired 20 4"x4" raku tiles today and all but 4 broke either during the firing or as soon as they were removed from the kiln. I did fire them propped vertically on ceramic brick so I could remove them with tongs. They were hand built tiles with leaf impressions using Standard Ceramics 239 Raku clay. They cracked in half or close to in half. What caused them to crack? (I have been doing raku firings for 40 years). Diane
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