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  1. Let's take it from a different angle, Bill. This drum is bottomless. I want to know if there is a way to glaze the entire surface, there is no such bottom edge to wipe glaze away from. I want 100% coverage. Think of a ball with a neck opening and a hole in it's side.
  2. Hi Bill, Thanks for the suggestion. I also considered this but decided against it for several reasons including a. aesthetics, b. acoustics and c. player comfort. Essentially I'm looking for tips that deal with the drum as shown and described. I will keep your advice in mind for future iterations.
  3. Hi all, New here and first post. I am also very new to working with clay but have been really enjoying it and ready to learn more. I have constructed a clay Udu drum, it's like a vase with a curved bottom and a hole in the side. I haven't bisqued it yet and am looking for advice how I might glaze after bisquing so that I can achieve full coverage. I have attached a photo for you. Please let me know what other information I can provide to help getting a better answer. Would tripod stilts be sufficient? Looking forward to participating in this forum!
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