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  1. Thanks Bill and Neil! Very interesting usage of your green dot laser pointer. Especially recognition that the inside of your pots need a thinner application to achieve an even melt. I've been using cones and a pyrometer in my firings because the copper matte and some other glazes don't seem to achieve much glassy glow when firing. This is true of the Higby canyon orange glaze too. I'm using all three Higby glazes in my piece, much as Higby has done, and he must have had them all mature around the same temp. Since the Higby water blue glaze has more gloss, think I'll use it as my "witness' glaze, and pull when that glaze is shining.
  2. I'm experimenting with Wayne Higby's Raku glazes....Higby Canyon Orange, Higby Water Blue, Higby Green, and have not yet hit the "sweetspot" for glaze maturation. They seem tricky and have tried different thicknesses and temps, with minimal success. Been trying in the 1800-1900 degree range. Anybody out there using these glazes with success and can direct me to what temp you're firing them at? Thanks, Mike Brown, LizardHill Pottery
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