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  1. 3 parts Stand oil (stand oil is linseed oil that has been polymerized by heating. It is thicker than linseed oil so better for screen printing, 3 part manganese dioxide (black colorant- toxic, use respirator), 1 part borax (flux) CMC powder as needed to thicken. Be sure your borax and CMC powder is free of lumps before adding to mixture. More stand oil can be added if it gets too thick. Clean up screen with mineral spirts after finished if you plan to reuse screen again. The black color won't come completely off the screen but you want to make sure there is no medium
  2. For silkscreening a black resist a product I found on ebay works really well. The seller is from Slovakia so maybe it can ship to Egypt. It is called "Black Line medium for cuerda seca"and the sellers name is cuese-0. It didn't clog up the screen at all and I did more than 40 tiles at once. A recipe that may be similar to this product is 3 parts manganese dioxide (very toxic- use a respirator when mixing from powder), 3 parts stand oil (a thicker form of linseed oil), 1 part borax (as flux) and enough CMC powder to get it to the right consistency for screening. I have not tried this recipe.
  3. Take a look at this thesis I found online “CUERDA SECA CERAMIC TILES: EXPLORATIONS OF RESIST FORMULAS IN VARIOUS FIRING RANGES by Carla Aubin Sotelo” It has a vey in depth (91 pages!) look at different materials the author tested for resist formulas.
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