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  1. I will try doing low,,,medium,,,high, All those markings in between were confusing to me. I have used sitter kiln in the past so i'm familiar with that part. But my old kiln only had the option of low. medium. and high. Thank you so much
  2. I have a new kiln and the way you turn it up is very different than my last kiln. I want to bisque fire to cone 04 but how do i turn the kiln up? Do I raise it a little at a time? Should I do like a low...medium...high? I'm not sure how high to raise it to get to cone 04. Can anyone advise me? I put a picture of the controls. Having 2 controllers is very confusing....I'm not sure if I do them both the same
  3. The cone bent only slightly. I tried again yesterday with a bisque load with 04 cones in and witness cones. The witness cones did not bend and the sitter cone did not shut off the kiln....the timer went off at 14 hours. I have no idea what i'm doing wrong. I had one successful load come out so far. It's so inconsistent. I'm not sure if i should even glaze this load of bisque.
  4. I just took a load of low fire glaze (06) out of this kiln. I have no idea what to do. The pieces look glazed but the witness cones completely melted.....one stuck to the shelf it was on. I'm so confused. I followed the above schedule of turning on and lowering the lid but i must have done something wrong...again. It's making me want to sell it and try again with a different kiln. The cone in the cone holder isn't quite at a 90 degree angle but it's close. Does anyone have any advice before i sell this thing?
  5. I just wanted to let everyone know that my glaze load come out great thanks to all of the help and advice that I got on here. You guys are wonderful and I really appreciate all of your words of wisdom that you shared with me
  6. I will turn the cone supports around. I am getting ready to fire a glaze load at cone 6. I have witness cones I can put on each shelf. And I have the same glaze on the same clay on 3 different pieces so I can put one on each shelf to see if there’s any differences in the shelves. I will check in before firing tomorrow morning to see if there’s any last minute advice. The cone support in backward was important I’m sure. Thank you all for your help and advice.
  7. I want to thank everyone that is helping me try to figure this out. I am going to try a glaze load today. I will let everyone know how it turns out tomorrow. Thank you again. This is a super helpful place and I’m so grateful for all the advice. I’m glad I found you all.
  8. i tried both i downloaded them onto my laptop with no luck. Also tried from i phone
  9. i don't know how to resize the photos i took. I have very little experience in pottery and kiln firing. I'm self taught and about a year in. I had a wonderful small 120 volt kiln but it's element broke. I live in the desert in the middle of nowhere and noone services them that will come out here. I see in the pics i took that it is a Dawson LT-3K I tried one photo at a time with no luck
  10. The switches are new to me. My last kiln just had low/medium/high. It was much easier to deal with but the elements are coming out of the sides. I have no idea how to handle the turning on of the switches for a glaze load. I had a glaze load fail where some things fired properly and some pieces were a total loss
  11. It is a Evenheat sitter kiln. I was trying to bisque fire to 04. The kiln has 4 switches and I turned one on to start. Then in 4 hours I turned the next from the bottom up. Then in another 4 hours I turned the 3rd switch on. And finally after another 3 hours I turned the last switch on. The timer was on 14 hours
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