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  1. I know this is an old convo, but if anyone is listening I'd like to pose a few questions about the HF 24 Alpine posted by jrgpots, and welcome input with anyone who has experience with the older model HF 24 Alpines. Firstly, how's it going with this kiln? Have you got it firing? I ask because I have the exact same kiln, in excellent working condition. Specifically, I'd love to know what size shelves you use for stacking the kiln, and what luck you've had with your firings in reduction? Are you using (2) 14" x 28" shelves, making the overall size 28 x 28 or are you using (2) 11 x 28's making the overall size 22" x 28"? I'm asking because I fire to Cone 10 myself with the exact same kiln, and prefer to reduce my work, but find that the Alpine almost always fires the bottom half or third of the load in oxidation, and the top in reduction. For years I didn't mind because I was doing a lot of temoku which oxidizes really well, but now I'm working mainly in Shino and I'm trying to think of ways to gain control of the reduction and make it even throughout the kiln, without causing a lot of carbon trapping. Any ideas?
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