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  1. Excellent, .. I was hoping you would give a suggestion
  2. Thank you, we will have to find a sprayer for this application because the details on this tree makes it very time consuming to brush on glaze
  3. Wife and I are new to owning business in the ceramic hobby and we plan to have several trees ready by the time the holiday rolls around. Is there a quick way to paint or glaze the tree?. Spray paint or dip? or is it best to get the brushes ready and get busy? Thanks
  4. We have decided to sign up for a class.... I guess there will be a lot of trial and error on this new journey.
  5. My wife and I have been very fortunate to purchase a new home with a Ceramics Business built in. The lady is retiring and has left 100's of molds, slip, paints of all kind and (3) kilns. We have the most simplistic knowledge about the business and need to come up to speed on painting techniques.. Wet, dry, when to fire, glazing, etc>….. I just learned that bisque means the piece had been fired once and ready for first paint application if that tells you how new we are to the craft. We are extremely anxious to keep the business going but the lady is 87 and tired and ready to just move
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