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  1. Thanks so much. Only 8 miles from me. I read her FB page and website I truly will contact her.
  2. Thank you Neil. I actually thought of that and put an ad on Nextdoor.com to see if any one had a kiln or where I could have it done. No one answered. I know the cone - 4 to be refired. The price of replacement pieces for my pattern ( so many service pieces that are fine) dictate that it would be economically feasible to refire them. Maybe I should buy a kiln!!! I tried one patterned piece years ago. just to try. Awful, it ran and faded not usable. I will seek a place to refire one piece. (Sarasota FL) Thanks
  3. I am fond of my good china (Lenox) and every day (Sonoma, Oatmeal) and have lots of service pieces. Over the years it has some cuts and scratches as well as the Sonoma has crazing in the glaze. Is there any remedy I can do at home? I read about cold glaze, baking in the oven. But have not found specific directions if it will work on my dishware. ?
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