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  1. I realized after what you said that this bowl was stoneware, and the rest were porcelain, so I guess it IS a bad fit... suppose I'll keep this bowl for myself as a fruit bowl. Second part of question though.... does the color of glaze/stain FADE if they get re-fired? (I have some pieces that didn't craze, (porcelain), but the colors aren't appealing, so I'd like to re-glaze and re-fire)
  2. Also, this batch got over-fired.... could that have anything to do with this bowl crazing? (again, it was the only one that crazed... same clay, same glaze as the others)
  3. It didn't happen to any of the other pots though, which makes me think I just applied the glaze too thick on this one.
  4. HeIlo all, Well, I got my first TWO glaze fires done! WOOHOO!!! Mostly happy with the results, but some came out needing another coat of glaze (the stain I used was VERY light and pieces came out looking plain/white/dull). I had some crazing on this bowl, (which I assume is because I put the glaze on too thick), it only happened with this one bowl and only on the inside.... SO.. 1. If I re-fire it, will the colors on the outside of the bowl fade? 2. Should I re-fire as-is, or should I add a thin layer of clear glaze on the inside? Thanks in advance for any & all info!!
  5. Thanks! I like the look of it, just wasn't sure if it was still food safe, etc.
  6. Hello I've seen quite a few mugs where they only glaze the top half of the mug... I was just wondering if there are negatives to this, such as stains/moisture/mold... to the bottom half?
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