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  1. Hi GEP Thanks for your input. I didn't know about all these different clay types. Might give modelling clay a try. Regards
  2. Hi everyone Sorry for the late reply. I live in Australia, timing is upside down Thanks to everyone who replied. Thanks Benzine and Magnolia Mud Research: I will try the damping method and reshaping. I thought the clay is set for good once dry. That's very good information to know. @oldlady Thanks for the input. I haven't considered real clay. One problem is not having access to fire it, and also will be hard to move the object for me. The reason I got into pottery is because I want to make a motorbike fairing model. So pottery is kind of the means to get to a goal for m
  3. Hi forum, I am a newbie who just started doing clay 2 weeks ago. I have had some good lessons learned so far. But I am struggling after my clay has hardened with massive shrinkage. Before I go on, I am using Air-Dry clay. Which they say hardens to Earthenware. I added more layers around the piece to keep the clay from breaking (lots of cracks) but I have some other problems. The shrinking of the piece made some extensions of the part lift up or sideways, away from original design. Which are now rock solid. I would like to somehow trim some of it out (a good amount). Sandin
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