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  1. Okay, I have a response from Orton. I will put the instructions here, but I warn, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK I'll detail the issues I had at the end**, but here is what the rep said and including my own notes: How to adjust the SFTY or LIM of an AF4000 The SFTY setting can only be changed within the OEM setup menu, Here is how to adjust it; Power on the controller while pressing and holding the buttons 4, 7 and START. The display will show RST. Press ENTER button to see MODE Press #1 button to set mode 1, then press ENTER Select the CFG you wish t
  2. The LIM doesn't go higher than SFTY. So I need the SFTY adjusted to the rated maximum for my kiln. I have had a response from Orton on how to do this, and I will include the instructions here. However you need to be careful with this. I'm waiting for a further response from the Orton rep about how to fix a problem his solution has created
  3. Hey team, Could someone with a Paragon kiln rated to cone 10 (1288°C or 2350°F) confirm the temperature listed in their LIM/SFTY for me please? I recently purchased a new TNF243, and am having problems. Paragon support is slow to respond, so I'm asking the community now. The website and the information panel on the side of my kiln say it is rated to 2350°F, but the LIM/SFTY in the options say it will get to between Cone 4 & 5 (1177°C or 2150°F). I believe my kiln was installed with an AF4000 that has been configured with a lower rated kiln. Thanks for your time
  4. Sorry to bring up an old post; I came across this post last night because I'm having the same problem. A good tip came from Viking Potter's post of Danielle ~ The Clay Lady (wait, is she really made out of clay?..) episode 2 of that series: Just use the finger tips and apply even pressure throughout. I was using the whole side of my throwing sponge on the outside, and on the inside I was laying my finger fairly flat. This helped me quite a bit, but I was still having this same problem, the tops or sides were always off-center no matter what technique I tried... What _really_ hel
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