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  1. Thanks for your responses ~ they were poured from the same container of casting slip but I added some regular slip to fill up my molds in those 2 pieces...that must be the issue. I added such a small amount I didn't think it would be so detrimental. Yikes! Well, lesson learned. Nothing else was slumped or droopy. Will never do that again!
  2. Hi everyone, I opened my kiln this morning after my glaze firing yesterday and found some pieces melted...they didn't explode, they didn't warp or bubble, they actually melted. I'm so confused why this would happen. I fired to cone 6 in my electric kiln and what's also curious is that other cups I slipcast with the same slip, and positioned next to a piece that melted, are intact and made it through like normal. And one piece that melted was not a slipcast piece...it's so odd. Any thoughts? Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks!
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