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  1. Hi Everyone! Thank you all so much. What a wonderful and resourceful community this is I'll look more into the Brent CXC. Soldner is out, so I'll decide between brent, whisper, and the TS/Skutt. Warranty is super important. Looks like brents are made to last. Thanks again to everyone for being so rad and knowledgable. --AJ
  2. Hi Everyone! Can you please provide your expertise on what wheel is best to purchase? The following are the criteria I'm looking for: 1. Can handle 25-30 lbs. when centering without losing torque 2. Is quiet even after years of use 3. Has a very responsive pedal 4. Great customer service in case something goes wrong 5. Has parts that can be easily repaired I'm willing to invest some money but don't want to spend unnecessarily. Can you please share your thoughts between the following wheels: Soldner vs. Thomas Stuart Professional Electric Wheel 1HP vs. Shimpo VL Whisper Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, I've been researching for a long while and my head is starting to hurt Warmly, AJ
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