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  1. I will tell my husband to look at this again thanks!
  2. Well, she works to at least cone 06 so far. The kiln sitter shutoff perfectly and all the elements worked. I named her Mrs. C. After the woman that previously owned her. This woman like me loved pottery, but also like me put it on the back burner to care for her family. Unfortunately, she passed before she could get back to it. I plan to rock this kiln in her honor as long as I am able. Thank you all that encouraged me to try it though it was 30 years old and discontinued. My husband did have a valid point, but he is not always right. Thanks to this group I will continue Mrs. C’s story and att
  3. I live in Lithia Florida, but no one ever knows where that is, which is why I say I live between Tampa and Orlando. Everyone knows Tampa and Orlando. I am looking for a potter community here. My first thought was to find a store, but the only one I found was In Clearwater. I hope the kiln certification class leads me to a group. It has been so long, I know I could learn a lot.
  4. Thank you, I think my husband purchased a 30 amp, so I will tell him we need the larger 40 amp. The kiln has the original 3 prong cord.
  5. Hello again, If I am reading this right, my 28 amp kiln will need the breaker changed from 50 amps to 30 amps. I can fix the 3 prong cord by changing it to the four prong cord or is it better to change the outlet to a 3 prong outlet? My husband agreed to Change the breaker, which is great news. He read these post and now understands why I thought the kiln was such a great find. Thanks all!
  6. I live in Florida, between Tampa and Orlando. If you know of any workshops out this way please share. The ones I have found are in Clearwater FL. They are an hour away unfortunately, but the closest. I read through a lot of post on here as I try to plan out my workspace. It seems a lot of the advice is for the northern states or the dryer states to the west. I am still weeding through all of the information. I am so glad I have found this forum. Everyone is extremely helpful and some of these question I would never have thought of until I ran into the problem.
  7. Hi, I took classes a very long time ago, before marriage and kids. I tried to keep up by reading, but that was all I had time and space for. Strange thing is I can remember how clay feels 20 years later. I really just miss it. I am not trying to be the next best Potter, I really just want to play in the mud again. Unfortunately, the opportunities near me only allows you to paint bisque. That is not what I want to do. I am searching for classes constantly, I wanted nothing more than to find a local Potter and work in their studio to learn. Sadly, it was not in the cards for me. I still have kid
  8. Thank you, Euclid’s website referenced here does have a nice supply of parts at better prices. I am not sure I would have found them without your post.
  9. Thank you for responding. I feel better about buying it now. It came with the manual, but the company no longer makes them. The parts inside look new but they are 30 years old. I have found some parts at the Ceramicshop online store. Yes it has a bar, but I have not found the fire gauge. We have an outlet in our garage, but it is a 240 50 amp outlet with four prongs instead of three. It may be too much for the kiln. My husband says he can put a 30amp breaker in and change the plug. Now, that I am more confident, thanks to your reassurance, I will see what exactly the kiln needs to fi
  10. Hello, I recently found a kiln at an estate sale for $200. It has been a dream of mine since I was a child to build with clay. My question, is this 30 year old kiln able to be restored and used? The bones all look good. The problem is it is really old. I see potential, unfortunately my husband sees a train wreck. I would really appreciate the opinions of those who are in the field. If it is restorable enough to use twice a month, what are your suggestions? Now that our children are grown, I finally have the time to commit to this dream and reading books simply is not cutting it anymore.
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