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    I came across this article, and found it interesting:
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    In a way i feel this change is actually a way of continuing tradition. The tradition of Japanese pottery responding to huge cultural change.  I think its the history of Japan, except this time they did not have to kidnap makers from any other place. 
    I am excited by En iwamura’s work. Ive seen his demos and I’m blown away by how fast he works. His work, similar to Otani’s is actually inspired by the Haniwa’s which is his basis to which he tries to involve cartoons he grew up with or were inspired by. 
    What i really find inspiring is not so much their work changing - that is a given, but its that philosophy - the philosophy of the maker - whether it be sculpture or pottery - is still passed down from generations past. Yes there is money issues, but the makers thoughts feelings, why they are making, how they are making, how they see their world i find its still the same. Ive run into students from China and Korea who are not in the art field just for the money. It was very inspirational to hear these young people talk - because so far i have only come across that amongst the Native American makers here. I’m so glad they are not a Jeff Koons or Damien Hirscht.
    so what one calls modern Japanese ceramics is really japan evolving to catastrophic change much like the tea ceremony that is not all that old - 1300s? Which evolved again in the 1500s. 
    I wonder though are we going to go back to ceramics if we try to cut down our use of plastics and paper?!!!
    and I’ve also seen this whole Sculptor vs potter attitude from all over - from artists in the Middle East, to Europe to the Far East.  In fact people make faces when i say i do mostly pottery and not sculpture. The whole art vs. craft deal.
    anyways i am rambling, just trying to make sense of the thoughts running through my head.
    i wonder are potters now going to treat cobalt blue like blood diamonds? Whole ‘nother Subject.
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