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  1. Thank you!!! This was AMAZINGLY helpful. I just got a Randall Wheel from a barn in Maine and was unsure how to put it back together. Thank you!
  2. I adore these colors! Great job!
  3. Update. I made another batch of the glaze and added some glycerine, which improved the brushability. Using the same firing schedule, I got smaller crystals (teeny!) and a lot of beautiful, delicate crazing. Based on Glazenerd's suggestions, i tweaked the glaze recipe a bit, and this was the result (see image). This pot was first under-fired... not on purpose, but anyhow. (I am a work in progress). Then I added a little more glaze and re-fired it with the same schedule that I used for the first batch that was successful. I think the larger fields of blue at the bottom did not get
  4. Ugh. So I will get the hang of it a year or so after death. ; )
  5. Yep, I wet it... but the glaze was home made. Next time I will be using a mix of glycerine and water to create the glaze to aid brushability. Also, Glazenerd suggested adding some bentonite.
  6. So, I like the crazing, but I can show you how thick. I have been taking pictures of every step. Note that the glaze is not brushing well. I will be increasing the amount of glycerine in the future to address this.
  7. So... I am a certified chemistry teacher, and I have access to a hood at the university where I now work. BUT, I respect that I have a lot more to learn about the basics before I start with anything like that. : )
  8. Here is my favorites from the second kiln, same glaze as my favorite from kiln 1.
  9. dud 1: first time it was Shimbo's Tin Foil II base glaze with no colorants. This time I added cobalt 008 on the rim and Turnidge MFE with no colorants... just the cobalt on the rim. dud 2: first was Shimbo's Tin Foil II base glaze with CuCo3. This time I added Turnidge MFE with no colorants.
  10. Kiln 2 with a different schedule (unfortunately before I saw Glazenerd's advice about reducing the temp in the first schedule a bit). First, here are the 2 duds from before. I added more glaze and refired. The third is my favorite glaze from last time on white clay instead of brown. Apparently this will be three separate replies. Sigh.
  11. I am thinking about re-firing the pieces i don't like... you know, since i don't like them. I have been reading and suspect that the ones that didn't grow macro crystals may have needed a longer soak. I also want to go back to my pictures and see if they all happened to be on the same shelf or the same side of the kiln. Maybe add another layer of glaze at the top to see if i can get something interesting to happen. Below are two of the "dud"s.
  12. Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful so far. I programmed my first kiln with a schedule I modified from the Plainsman Schedule I found online and combined with William Schram's. They were really close and so I considered that 2 votes in its favor. I had 11 pieces in the kiln, and three different base glazes (A Version of Snair's Metallic macro crystal, Tin Foil II, and Turnidge MFE) and within that there were color variations with (NiCo3, CuCO3, MnO2+CoO, TiO2+CoO+MnO2, NiCO3+CoO+CuCO3) About 1/2 grew macro crystals, and 1/2 came out matte. My favorite was the Turnidge MFE +T
  13. I didn't. today I tried adding a little (1/2 tsp, 7ml) of a saturated MgSO4*7H2O (epsom salts) solution. That improved the consistency of the glazes, but not the brush-ability. Which of the CMC gum, flotrol or glycerine do you recommend? I don't have any of them, so any will be an additional purchase.
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