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  1. Hello! I teach high school ceramics, with about 50-65 students per semester. I also teach advanced ceramics (wheel throwing) to about 10-15 students per semester. I use plastic bats that are textured on one side and smooth on the other. We have always used the rough sides, but after many years of use, they have worn down and now have smooth rings/cirlcle on each one. I want to keep using them and don't really want to purchase new ones, but students have a hard time centering on the slick centers. I have already tried to roughen one up by sanding the center with 60 grit sandpaper, but it
  2. Neilestrick, The 40" available space is already a foot away from the cinder block walls. We do fire Cone5/6 with the advanced class, which is smaller. 12 kids per semester. All the large kilns I have looked at all involve direct wiring. Unsure of the cost of that, but was hoping to find the dream kiln that would work with what I already have. I think to upgrade the electrical might be less expensive than direct wiring, but I don't know. I have looked at the KM-1227- 3PK and the EQ2827-3 also. I can't wrap my head around how many extra projects those additional cu. ft will fire, withou
  3. Hi there! I teach at a high school where I have 40-50 ceramics students a semester, 2 semesters, plus a summer camp. We make a lot of work. We are also growing, each year adding more students. I currently have an old Amaco Excel SelectFire Model 270SF, which is about 7.0 cu ft. Its a 240 v, single phase with a NEMA 6-50R: 240 Volt, 50 Amp. plug. I have been given permission to order a replacement kiln, with more interior space. The location of the kiln can only accommodate 40" exterior in one direction, and maybe 45"-48" in the other, maximum. The one I have now is 29"x 29" and 32" h
  4. I too have one of these kilns, which I have used for enameling. It works well. I am interested in selling it, but can’t find much info about it to pass on. Any info you have found would be greatly appreciated!
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