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  1. Hi there, wondering if pieces of different clay bodies can put into the same kiln and bisque fired together, if they are all being fired to the same cone? Sorry I looked but could not find this in previous posts tho surely it has been addressed.
  2. Wow just fabulous info. You guys are the bomb.
  3. Hmm. From the dollmaking forums out there it looks like many people fire to cone 6. A couple of the kilns I see referenced for dollmaking are the AIM 88 and Skutt 714. Those look like cone 10? Not sure what this means with the glass oval and elements. I found another booklet from the company that made this kiln saying all their kilns are rated to 2200 degrees or greater. Are elements the limiting factor in a kiln as far as the highest cone? Could you replace elements and run it hotter. Or are there several factors. Cone 6 is my goal. Don't need any higher.
  4. Yes it does say that -- and it was owned by a woman who made doll heads. I guess that all adds up! I just wasn't sure from the specs since I know nothing. Thank you! If I make anything successfully cone 6 I will post it. It is small but so is our house and my basement studio so that works. thanks
  5. Hey there. I acquired a small kiln from the 70s/80s from the defunct Good Kilns. Has Skutt LT3 (I think) kiln sitter. Seems in v good shape. Elements tight, no cracks, interior clean. Had all the literature with it so I know it is 15 amp, 230 V, 3500 watts, and an electrician told me it works with my set-up, 20 amp 240 v (I have a vcella model 13 for enameling). Interior is 13" W x 14.5"H. Seven sides. But. I cannot tell what cone I can fire to -- how high. I am a veteran large scale enamelist so, am not afraid of kilns, but new to clay firing and am learning from books. I'm not doing pro
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