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  1. … or maybe "high temperature over glaze paints". Maybe there isn't a term for this in English...
  2. Hello, Thank you sooo much for your detailed message! I've been looking for a "glossary" like this for ages! And you answered me so soon! (I didn't know if anyone would answer me at all :-)) That's why I came back so late. THANKS! Those overglazes are difficult. Are overglazes and overglaze paints two different things? What I'm supposed to translate is some "new" stuff. In Czechoslovakia, they started to use them in the 70's and I'm afraid they are something different than lusters or over glaze paints - those are usually fired at lower temperatures than 1,200 - 1,300 °C (2,200 - 2,350 °F), aren't they? These are supposed to melt into the glaze so you can't feel them with you fingers as another layer after firing. And I don't think I can use inglaze paints because those are applied on wet glaze but these ones on fired glaze. Those "in-melt" paints are supposed to look like this: The second pair of pictures is "in-melt" cobalt before and after firing. Also gold and platinum can be used like this and fired at : gold 2,230 - 2,260 °F, platinum 2,260 - 2,300 °F. Sorry for such a long message and for the trouble but you seem really into it and you've already helped me so much. Thank you! Marie (my nick is a mistype) :-)
  3. I'm Czech and I'm translating a school syllabus for pottery classes. I need some help. Is there a word in English for: This shape which you get after centering and opening clay ( in Czech: "the basic shape"): additives which make a clay body lighter because they burn out (e.g. peat, starch, sawdust,..) in Czech they are called "lighteners" paints which are used on glaze fired pots and then fired again at 1,200 - 1,300 °C, very resistant on glaze paints. (in Czech something like "melt-in paints") Finally, is there an expression like "outer hand" and "inner hand" (hand positions for throwing) THANKS!
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