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  1. I just had the same problem. For me, it's 40 miles to the nearest supply store. I had some detail wax and diluted it heavily. It worked just like regular wax resist. It even lost its green color! Later, I put some boiling water in a container, set the container of regular wax resist in it, and started stirring. It seemed to be working, so I added a little boiling water to the wax. In a few minutes I had perfectly smooth wax resist. It works!
  2. I'm sure you've solved your problem by now. I had the same problem and am 40 miles from a supplier. I needed it pronto to finish a glaze batch. I calcined it to 1000 deg., some of it powdered, but not enough. Finally I added CLR - the strongest acid I had around. It bubbled and stayed lumpy, but by the next morning it had dried and was powdery. It worked, but now i wonder how the ingredients in CLR will effect the glaze. Time for another test!
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