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  1. Callie...............thank you. Now I am in the floundering stage because tissue paper vs the sturdier transfer paper that I was familier with (but never tried) is in my head. Sounds like the tissue is the answer for now unless I send the artwork out to a professional company. They do a great job but require buying a minimum purchase and I am looking to have the option of single images. I will continue to read your overview again....am "floundering" thru the first read. Again thanks.
  2. Am looking for suggestions on BEST PRACTICES for creating b & w decals. I have found the maker of the toner containing iron and the printer(s) which use this toner cartridge. (Thanks for Community Formum...thank you!) Now, I need suggestions on best medium (special paper) to use in printing. Wondering about different companies that are perhaps making this product. Also cost. Currently I use a company to print my artwork and they are GREAT. The downside is there is a minimum order size. I want to make one of a kind artwork. Thanks so much. Clay Lily
  3. Callie..............thanks for your help. With you suggestion and one other members suggestion and Google, what i have found about "toner containing iron" is the name and phone number of a company that makes toner with iron for the check writing industry. Name of company is LASER CARTRIDGE PLLUS. Their phone number is 1-800 260-9809. These toner cartridges definitely have iron in a powder form. They list some printers that use these printers (HP Laser Jet Printers (plural). I am going to call Laser Cartridge Plus this morning to nail down exact models of the HP
  4. Good Morning....am writing to get info of a new black and white laser printer which uses TONER which can accommodate decal paper. Clay Lily claylilypottery@yahoo.com
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