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  1. Thank you so much everybody! I purchased 600gr of pink pigment and I will try to mix it with the clay once dry. hopefully this will work! I've been told by the ceramic shop owner that a 60gr of pigment for 1kg of clay should be enough. Anyone has experience with this? The pigment is: Minerco LTD, M6020. The clay I'm going to use: Sibelco K140 I wonder which firing temperature would enhance the pigment as well..
  2. Hello looking for some clay what would burn pink! Does it exist? Can I add pigment inside the clay body to make it pink? it's for sculptural work therefore I'd like not to add a slip afterwards. I'm a bit lost on how to proceed, if anyone has any experience with this it would be fantastic. Thank you!
  3. wonderful, this is so kind of you all, I'm very excited to try cobalt tomorrow and hopefully cobalt carb too in the near future
  4. Hello all : ) I just bought some cobalt oxide, I'd like to paint it directly on some leather hard stoneware vessels before bisque. Can I ask if anyone knows which percentage of cobalt to amount of water should I use for best results? Thank you!
  5. Wonderful thank you everyone! I will give it a go Ideally I should apply the slip at a leather hard stage right? I have a few bone dry pots that I thought to paint white inside, but maybe it is a good idea to try with some fresh ones instead?
  6. Hi all, I just joined your lovely community. And I was wondering if someone could advise me on making my first white slip. I've been trowing some stoneware pots and I would like to decorate the inside with white slip. I have a pack of 25kg of this deflocculated porcelain dust clay in my studio: http://www.vdiez.com/catalogo/porcelana-sa-2.html?lang=en and when I asked advice to salesman I was told I could just add water and apply it directly on the stoneware. Is this true? I know that porcelain has a different shrinking percentage that stoneware, therefore I'm a bit confused. Can a
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