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  1. Thank you Babs and Min! I was planning the end around 960C as earlier I went to a studio that offered firing service and they fired my pieces from the same clay, same thickness at this temperature (then glazed around 1100c) and they turned out fine. As far as I understood the German (I do speak a little), % relates to the time, as the example says: 4,5 hours with 30% makes it 1,5h. And the lowest temperature I can set is 500C. I plan to buy cones and need to replace the ceramic cover of the thermometer rod (?) anyways, already contacted the company about that.
  2. Hi everyone, I have recently got an Uhlig U 500T kiln. I have never fired anything before and it gives me a really hard time to understand how to operate this one particularly, because there seems to be no resource or manual on the internet (the only thing that came with it is in German and kind of explaining how to use the controller tho). As far as I understood the slowest possible heating is to 500C in 5 hours. My pieces are quite thin and dry so I am hoping this is fine. Still, I am wondering is it really possible that this is the slowest option? My plan is for bisque
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