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  1. I really appreciate all the information! I wish I had known about this forum before I bought the kiln. Good thing I got it for a pretty low price and only purchased it to get back into ceramics as a hobby. I'm pretty decent with electrical systems but I don't think it'll end up being worth the time/effort for me. Using it for raku is a great idea!
  2. These are some pics of the outside and inside, I also suspected it had been hand built
  3. Hello! I have done some pottery in the past in a classroom setting and recently acquired an old electric kiln for a price I couldn't say no too. I've never fired my own pieces before and my husband had to go pick the kiln up for me so I wasn't able to ask the previous owner the many questions I now have. The kiln is small and electric with no visible markings to indicate who made it or what the model is. The only thing that seems to determine if it's on or off is if it is plugged in. As soon as it's plugged in, it heats up and gets going, there is no control panel or on/off switch. It
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