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  1. I'm a relatively experienced slipcaster and mold maker, but I have run into issues when trying to cast large, flat items, such as platters. I have 2-part molds, and porcelain slip. Not only is it tough to constrain the mold halves and leakage, but where the subject is thin (maybe 1 cm), the slip doesn't always fill in fully, and so there are ugly holes and gaps in my cast. Should I try a lower specific gravity slip for these particular molds, so the slip flows in the thin parts better? I'm concerned that this will make it more likely to be a shell/hollow cast, rather than a solid cast, which is my intention. I tried keeping the mold parts separate and filling the concave half with slip, then placing the convex half onto it, but the same problem of a spotty cast persisted. Does anyone else successfully cast solid, flat things? Do you mind sharing your process? Thanks!
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