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  1. Thanks for the answers. So I did what people suggested and I now have a fine layer of (hopefully) clay particles in a bucket. There is three inches of crystal clear water on top which I am about to pour off. I read the next step is to put the clay in a towel to absorb the moisture. I do I know when I took out enough moisture? Feel?
  2. So do you think the 1/100" wasnt fine enough?
  3. So I bought this on Amazon (1/100" mesh): https://www.amazon.com/SE-GP2-1100-Patented-Stackable-Sifting/dp/B00BP2I77U/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=100+mesh+screen&qid=1562179315&s=gateway&sr=8-3 I have no clue if 1/100" equals 80 mesh. I filtered all my sand/clay water through the mesh and ended up with a slury of what appears to be sandy(ish) clay. Do I have to let it dry out some first for it to turn to a clay-like consistency? Is this mesh not fine enough? THANKS! I tried to do that 'snake test' making a snake out of it around my finger and it wouldnt hold up.
  4. If I used a 100 mesh (just googled it) would that take out clay particles as well? I want this stuff super pure just to be an over achiever!
  5. Thanks. So am I correct to say that clay particles are MUCH smaller than sand and dirt?
  6. Can the admins get this sites HTTPS back up? Right now its not secure. Thanks!
  7. Hello. Im new to the world of pottery, clay, etc. Im experimenting for fun trying to make my own clay from dirt in my yard. I live on 100 acres of clay-rich soil. I followed all the steps in Youtube videos, straining, screening, letting the dirt settle, repeat over and over. Most recent I let the clay sit in a bucket for a week, poured off the water on top, etc. I then poured it into a towel. When I was done, I had what appears to be clay but there is a lot of grittiness in the hands while molding. What am I doing wrong? I poured out the last batch in the dirt and I could see 'streams of dark particles' (like when youre at the beach and the sand has those dark patches. Im assuming thats the sand in the clay. So.... any ideas how to purify my clay? Thanks!
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