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  1. I had a feeling it needed to be completely full. I’ll do some more cleaning and then stuff it.
  2. There is only one switch and my choices are on and off. That is one of the first things I checked as well.
  3. Hello. New user here. Discovered a pug mill in the studio hidden under sheets and towels. I couldn't find any identifying information other than the motor, which is a brook crompton parkinson. The pug mill looks like this one but doesn't have the pressure regulator. (http://walkerceramics.com.au/pugmill/) It does have an attachment where one is supposed to be. When I discovered the pug mill, it was completely caked with rock hard clay. After several hours of chipping away, I managed to free most of the clay from the auger and from the extruder tip. (Sorry, don't know the proper terms). I didn't have the tools to take it apart so I did the best I could to remove the stuck clay. My problem is, I can't get anything to come out. There is still a bit of clay inside the machine, but it just spins around the auger blade. It isn't stuck on the blade, but it doesn't move down the machine. I added water in hopes of loosening any stuck clay, but can't get the last few pounds to extrude. Do I need to add more clay? Can I use the machine without any pressurized air? I'll be at the studio tomorrow and will add relevant pictures if necessary. Thanks!
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