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  1. In aquiring a number of dry powders in relatively large quantity, I am seeking advise on how to identify some that are unlabled. I'm talking about tin oxide, white underglaze pigment., etc. Is there a simple, safe, quick, test to ID these powders?
  2. I think so, but I'll doubld check. Thanks Fred
  3. I have original rubber forms/casts that were used to produce production molds for Townsends' Ceramics and Glass's production of ceramic pieces that were sold to retail stores. I'm searching for a company or manufacturer that can either continue what Townsend did, or a company that can produce molds that can be released to the public for the first time. Can anyone help me find either of these groups of people?
  4. Available, Must pick up from Bay St Louis MS. 17 pallets of Nytal 100 HR talc . (Vanderbilt mining Co.) 5 pallets KT 1-4 ball clay. 35 gal Darvan 7 Must go! Make offer!
  5. Thank you Callie. If you have other ideas of how to get my gift exposed to people, please let me know.
  6. I'm searching for someone who wants allthe original rubber castings of AnnTownsends sculptures please forward anyone you think might be interested. They are located in Bay St Louis MS. There are many more than what is shown in this post.
  7. I have for free. All original designs created by Ann Townsend. All plaster molds Pump for dispensing slip. Mixer for preparing slip. Ball mixer All paints pigments and glazes. Shelving and art room tables. All rights to Townsend name and designs. Manuals. Recipes and other instructional items. 17 pallets (950, 50 lb bags of Nytal100 HR and 5 pallets of KT ball clay. Located in Bay St Louis, MS.
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