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  1. The hole won't show when the lid is built/assembled, but I am concerned about the structural integrity of each brick. The design for the lid has 15 bricks sandwiched together and held in place by a welded structure that will hold them together. Here's a photo of the design. Guess it would have been helpful to post this first! The first design had threaded rod running through each brick with plates and nuts and bolts at each end to hold them together (that caused the hole that I want to repair). The rod became brittle and was sagging, causing the lid to sag during firing. Some bricks have fine
  2. I had not thought to do that. Guess I was thinking that something "sticky" would help stabilize any weakness caused by the hole being there. Maybe the simple solution is the best? Thanks for responding!
  3. I have 150 K26 soft bricks that have been drilled through with about a 5/8-inch hole on the broad side of the brick. I want to fill the holes and then reuse these bricks. Does anyone have a recommendation on what type of material/product to use? I have looked online and see that there are fillers intended for repairing small kilns, but these products are packaged in small amounts - too small - and by the time I'd buy it I'd have spent more than I'd be saving by salvaging the bricks I have. The bricks are to be used for a lid for a wood fire train kiln. The first design is failing and has to be
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