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  1. I want to let you know that I enrolled to local ceramic classes, starting in July. It includes wheel work and lectures about materials and process. I also booked private lessons with a porcelain artist focusing on working with porcelain. Feeling so hopeful... so much to look forward to. Thank you all for your precious advise.
  2. Thank you Oldlady. I've just typed books and porcelain. I hope to find info to get me started. Yes, this picture is a supper inspiring goal to work towards.
  3. Hi Bill, Thanks for your reply. Agree this would be a good start. I'm still searching for a suitable porcelain workshop in Israel. So far I've only found pottery wheel classes and nothing with porcelain. The truth is I'm not attracted to the wheel. For now, I'm mainly interested in working by free hand making small porcelain ornaments and beads for jewellery. I found only one artist working with porcelain clay, and she is not teaching. I thought a book or an online course focusing uniquely on porcelain, would speed up my learning. Is the process of working with porcelain clay very
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm so inspired by the posts in this forum. I've never worked with ceramic, but have been considering it recently. I've found this picture below. I would like to make a similar item using a piece of crochet or a doily. I suppose I would need to work with high firing porcelain clay and need a high firing temperature furnace. I can't wait to experiment I have two questions - Is there a book or an online course that can teach me the basics for working with porcelain clay, materials tools and process? What temperature furnace I need to purchase?
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