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  1. Everyone, thank you SO very much for taking the time to write your responses. I found value in every single one of them and there's no doubt I have a better understanding now than I did just a day ago. I'm really thankful and happy I found this forum. The heart of my business is connection and It's really touching to see a connection like this online between strangers.
  2. Hey Guys, thank you so much for your responses. I came in telling you I really don't know a thing about pottery, I just had an idea and came to be educated. You have been so helpful. I would love to work with a creative mind to figure out what would make this worth their time financially and what creative routes can we take to make this a reality. The question is HOW can we make this work? Even if it's not the traditional route. I see a beautiful thing we can build. Anyway, thank you.
  3. I am a florist interested in collaborating with a local ceramic artist to build a customer retention strategy for hotels. I'm here because I have a vision for the strategy but I understand very little about pottery and before approaching artist at my local ceramic shops I'm doing some research. I need a small vase that holds only 3 stems of flowers. In my mind it's short and small but the artist can certainly have artistic freedom. The important part to me is it needs to be able to hold 3 stems. I would buy them no less than 50 at a time. I'm looking to collaborate with someone who is an artist but business minded. I want to scale my own business so i want a vase that's easy to make, relative to pottery (I understand I have no idea how easy or difficult this would be), hopefully it won't be time consuming for the artist. I just bought a little creamer from a local spot for $5 that is about 8 inches in diameter and two inches tall. $5 would be too expensive to allow the hotels to invest in our strategy. Im hoping because it's always a bulk buy and i am going out to get us the business that the artist would otherwise not have, we can strike up an agreement on a price that is mutually beneficial. I want the artist to have his/her own artistic freedom to create this pot and be business minded as to how he/she can make it scaleable because I will expand out portfolio. I will have contracts with these businesses so this would be regular money for the artist. I want to work with someone creative but also business minded, so I can collaborate with them on how to make this work together. My questions are: 1. How long would it take an artist to make 50 small pots at a time? and what is the process? 2. Knowing the price of ceramic supplies, what is your educated guess of how much the supplies would cost the artist to make this? what are the supplies? 3.Given an idea of how little the pots can actually be, how many could fit in a kiln and how long does a kiln take to "fire" them? 4. if you wanted to add a color to the pots or a glaze, what is that process? what is the cost of this material? 5. If you're an artist what do you make of this business proposal? I sincerely thank you. and apologize if I said anything in an insensitive way. I'm happy to have this forum to come to before I approach the artist locally because i certainly do not understand the process, I just have a business I'm building and am trying to figure it all out.
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